Financial Intelligence Academy

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FI academy is a place where we are seeking to help people enhance both their financial intelligence and literacy. We did our best in this academy to provide all age groups with a comprehensive collection of financial knowledge, skills and education regarding financial behavior. The measures were initially taken by FI academy to promote people’s financial literacy and ultimately the whole society. What FI academy wants is to develop both person’s and society’s financial literacy in parallel and that is how we can preserve the golden ratio in life. So far, FI academy has done a lot about promoting the status of financial literacy and intelligence, which are as follows:

  • compiling and issuing more than ten books in this regard
  • continually holding sessions under the title of “Wednesday with financial literacy”
  • cooperation with Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting in producing several TV Programs
  • holding educational courses on financial literacy specifically for school teachers
  • content creation on the web space

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