Part Financial Data Processing Company

Part Financial Data Processing is both a knowledge-based and private company (commonly referred as “Part”) which commenced its professional activity in June 23, 2013 under the authorization of Securities and Exchange Organization of Iran (SEO). From the very beginning, we did concentrate solely on four areas, namely credit scoring & rating, financial market services, software technology and last but not least, artificial intelligence (AI). Part Financial Data Processing company is considered to be the biggest and the most prestigious amongst its counterparts in Iran not only owing to its resilient software infrastructure but also owing to having more than 400 experts in miscellaneous areas such as IT, AI and finance.

Part company plays a leading role in area of credit scoring and rating. At the moment, this company has 2 million active users only for credit scoring to take out loans. Moreover, it is legally authorized by regulators to technically rate ICT and financial companies. In addition to offering advice on corporate financing and release of securities, we launched different platforms including Signal and Rasam to analyze the information pertinent to Iran’s monetary and capital market.

Part company is seeking to achieve AI marketplace both domestically and internationally through founding a specialized AI research center and hiring around 240 graduates in IT and AI from the top universities of Iran. The AI department of Part company concentrated its focus on investigating four main domains of AI, that is data mining, natural language processing (NLP), speech processing and machine vision.

The motto of Part is “your intelligent economic assistant” which implies we do our best to create and turn innovative ideas in field of AI into reality on global scale.